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Playing Fee 2022

Membership Type One Payment D/D per month Total D/D
Seven day membership
£899.00 £80.00 £960.00
(65+) Seven day membership available after 5 years
£833.00 £74.00 £888.00
Five Day
(Monday to Friday)
£766.00 £69.00 £828.00
Nine Hole
Seven day membership
£520.00 £48.00 £576.00
(up to the age of 18)
£20.00 N/A N/A

Intermediate  (18 - 21)


£29.00 £348.00

Intermediate (22 - 24)

£370.00 £34.00 £408.00
Intermediate (25 - 29) £502.00 £46.00 £552.00
Intermediate (30 - 34) £607.00 £55.00 £660.00
(club points system)
£343.00 N/A N/A
Please call to discuss

Note: Annual golf union fees of £18.25 is to be added to the above memberships unless stated. This is a one off payment, if paying by direct debit this union fee will be taken in month one.

Except with Flexible membership where it is included.

A member can sign in guests five times a year either the same guest or different guests after this normal green fees will be applicable.

Flexible Points Membership

A fully flexible golf membership for £343 per annum & become a member of a cooperative members owned club. You must also buy a minimum share of £200 (Bronze share) to qualify for this membership. Share cost is a one-off and is refundable if you choose to end your membership.

A Flexible points membership of £325 per year will allow you to purchase points for a one-off cost, along with your membership share a one-off payment depending on share option chosen. This membership allows you all the benefits that come with being a golf club member.

Flexible points membership subscription will receive 300 points. These points can only be used at Cold Ashby Golf Centre.

True flexibility to play with your points when it works for you. When your points are used up, start again with a new rolling annual points membership. 300 points must be used within 12 months, unused points will be lost.

This membership allows you all the member benefits and includes;

Golf Union Fee.

County card for reduced rates of golf at all golf clubs in Northamptonshire.

Members club card to purchase from the bar or pro shop.

With your share you receive £10.00 credit on your card as a welcome.

10% members discount on menu items & drinks bought over the bar.

Preferential rates for your visitors.

Regular golf competitions and social events.

How your points are redeemed;

Times Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
07:00 A A A A A B B
08:00 B A B B B C C
09:00 B A B B B C C
10:00 B A B B B C C
11:00 B A B B B C C
12:00 A A A A A B B
13:00 A A A A A B B
14:00 A A A A A A A
15:00 A A A A A A A
16:00 A A A A A A A
17:00 A A A A A A A
18:00 A A A A A A A
19:00 A A A A A A A
Type Index 18 Holes 9 Holes
Peaceful A 12 points 8 points
Popular B 16 points 10 points
Peak C 20 points 14 points

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Stanford Road, Cold Ashby , Northamptonshire, NN6 6EP
Telephone: 01604 740548

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