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For a long time now we at Cold Ashby GC have enjoyed being part of Network Golf. This gives all our Full 7 day or 5 day members the opportunity to book and visit 31 other named clubs and play either free golf or at members guest rates.

Sign up today for just £10.00 and start enjoying the benifits of being part of the Network.

Introduced in 2020, we are part of the Smart Golfer Network offering a further 34 clubs. There is no additional cost to us to be part of Smart Golfer Network.

In summary for £10 a year you have now the opportunity as a member to play an additional 68 golf clubs for Free or at members guest rates.

A list of all participating, inclusive clubs along with booking details and rules will be displayed on the notice boards within the clubhouse.

Note: Network Card to be issued when £10 is paid. Currently, there is no card for Smart Golfer Network but must show membership card and state full 7 or 5 day member.