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Membership Fee from 1st April 2024

Membership TypeOne PaymentDD (per month / total)
Full Seven-day membership£1080£96 / £1152
Senior (65+) Seven-day membership£1020£90 / £1080
Five Day (Monday to Friday)£925£82 / £984
Nine Hole Seven-day membership£625£57 / £684
Junior (up to the age of 18)£75N/A
Intermediate  (18 – 21)£400£37 / £444
Intermediate (22 – 24)£450£41 / £492
Intermediate (25 – 29)£650£58 / £696
Intermediate (30 – 34)£755£67 / £804
Flexible (club points system, includes annual golf union fees)£425N/A

Note: Annual golf union fees of £19.25 will be added to the above memberships unless stated. This is a one-off payment, if paying by direct debit this union fee will be taken in month one.

A member can sign in guests five times a year (either the same guest or different guests) after this standard green fees will be applicable.

Flexible Golf Membership

A fully flexible golf membership for £425 per annum & become a member of a cooperative members-owned club. Click the link below to find out.

Flexible Points Membership