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For Hire

Golf Buggies

18 Holes Visitors £30
9 Holes Visitors £18
18 Holes Members £21
9 Holes Members £13

Motor caddy Electric Trollies

18 Holes £12
9 Holes £8

Pull Trollies

18 Holes £5
9 Holes £3.50


The renter/s must observe the rules and regulations of the course

The renter/s will be expected to drive the vehicle in a responsible manner at all times with respect to their own safety, that of their passengers and of other visitors or employees of the golf course.

Only the signatories may be in control of the golf car at any time.

The golf car will only be used to carry two persons & two golf bags maximum.

The renter/s must always stay within the golf course's boundary.

The renter/s should report any damage or defective equipment on the car on its return. Failure to do so could compromise the renter's right to hire.

The hirer/s will be liable for any damage caused to or by the car as a result of negligent operation

Cars should be returned to the hire point at the end of the round.


Please be aware of slippery conditions due to rain, frost etc on steep inclines and descents, buggies have AUTO BRAKING so you do not need to apply the brakes, applying the brakes may result in the buggy sliding or spinning, especially on the 3rd descent or 7th incline.


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Telephone: 01604 740548

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